Cover image for Maut ṣaġīr = Little death / Muhammad Hasan Alwan.
Maut ṣaġīr = Little death / Muhammad Hasan Alwan.
Alternate Title:
Little death
Publication Date:
Publication Information:
Bairut, Lebanon : Dar al-Saqi,
Physical Description:
591 p.
Subject Term:
Ever since God created me in Murcia until I was saved in Damascus, I am in an unbroken journey, I have seen people, I have received people, I have accompanied my parents, I have lived under the rule of the Mujahideen, the Ayyubids, the Abbasids, and the Seljuks in a way that Allah has given me before my creation. The believer is in a permanent journey, and all existence is travel in travel: he who leaves the land shall dwell, and he who dwells shall return to nothingness.
General Note:
This book is printed "manga style" in the authentic Japanese right-to-left format.
Language Note:
Text in Arabic script.